How To Nurture Your Full Potential – Akanni Olamilekan

Depressed Medical Student

Potential, as defined by Oxford dictionary, is an ability that can be developed, leading to future success. At its heart, achieving your full potential is about being the best person you can be and and expressing yourself to the fullest.

Everyone are actually different, however, full potential is a relative term. After making a rigorous search and discovering what your full potential is,hitherto, 7 steps are to be observed to nurture this latent strength to eventually result into success; Continue reading


Beautiful Couple Recount Their First Meeting

Tosan & Emis 7

This will probably be the most touching match-making meeting you have ever heard of. The narrative on how this pair met is a most emotionally memorable one. According to Emi, she and Tosan both lived in the same apartment in Louisiana, United States. However, they never met each other as Tosan was always away on travels. Continue reading

‘THE BRIGHT SIDE!’ – Bidemi Bayode

“Every day in life is only a phase to a bigger event – Apocalypse; Eternity; whatever – It’s all                             ‘phases of life’; and ‘dumb’ is when you don’t understand this”.

Other kids used to think I was dumb!

Other kids used to think I was dumb!

A lot of the other kids at High School used to think I was dumb (perhaps the dumbest kid to have ever been born). I didn’t argue this fact; in fact I think they were right, that I really was. Should I talk about the other day when I missed the school bus and I had to hitch a ride in a poultry van all the way to school (for the records, I have to tell you; that smell sticks till today… well; in the minds of the school kids). Or, that fateful day in the school pool room where I actually went to do my assignment simply because the library was cold (what then is the pool; a heater? To tell you the truth, I actually went because I find girls in bikini and swimsuits to be an awesome sight). Hmmn… isn’t that real dumb stuff? Well, I accepted the reality that I probably was dumb and tried to live with it every single day of my life. However, the part that got me real hurt was that even my dad (mum ditched my dad for some richer guy and I haven’t seen her since I was 5) thought I was not the best of kids and that I was probably best sent off to some isolation facility. That got me scared and made me try harder to up my grades a little and even pretended to be getting smart which convinced him enough not to send me off to the asylum but rather sent me off to an even worse place – medical school. Continue reading