Beautiful Couple Recount Their First Meeting

Tosan & Emis 7

This will probably be the most touching match-making meeting you have ever heard of. The narrative on how this pair met is a most emotionally memorable one. According to Emi, she and Tosan both lived in the same apartment in Louisiana, United States. However, they never met each other as Tosan was always away on travels.

Tosan on his part reminisced the event which led them  to meet each other, recalling that it happened when he was trying to re-park his car and this ‘crazy driver’ – apparently Emi – suddenly drives up on him, blocking his way. He also recalled sending Emi a Social Media request after the meeting and got it accepted on one of his travels, where Emi sent him the message, ‘My Neighbour I never met’. Well, Well, Well, the rest is history as you already know.

Furthermore, they both talk about how much they love each other; Emi, particularly saying she loves how Tosan loves her. Well, people, there you have it… how more romantic could a match-making meeting get?
Tosan & Emis 1Tosan & Emis 2Tosan & Emis 3Tosan & Emis 4Tosan & Emis 5Tosan & Emis 6

You can watch the video here.

Photo Credit | Oyemi Photography



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